Currently, I'm the creative director at Bullhorn. When I joined Bullhorn, a B2B SaaS company that makes recruiting software,  it was a small tech company of 70 in Boston. Now, it’s a top performer in Vista Equity’s portfolio with over 600 employees and 350,000 users in 152 countries. Prior to Bullhorn, I helped launch two startups: Sermo and Leveragepoint. I helped Sermo grow a professional online physician community from a few dozen physicians to over 100,000.  As a member of the marketing leadership team, I worked closely with executive, engineering  and design teams to create brilliantly designed, undeniably useful products as well as provocative, vibrant brands.

My professional career started in film and video. Early on, I found a sweet spot in motion graphics since it combined the various disciplines of design, video editing, animation and storytelling. I worked in agencies such as Jack Morton, Isobar, and Mullen with large clients where I became art director on complex projects. Along the way I worked with some brilliant people in marketing, design and business.

It is the thrill of combining the disciplines of design and business to birth and grow companies that unquestionably excites me. I've found that entrepreneurs and artists have many of the same traits—both envision something that doesn't exist, then work like crazy to make it come to life.


I have a dual degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University. I have taken classes at the Rhode Island School of Design as well as the American Film Institute,  management courses from Ken Blanchard and Strength Based Leadership training. I also spent two years at Boston College studying pre-med.




I currently work in Downtown  Boston. You can find me at Boston tech events, Ad Club events, MITX, Inbound,  Microsoft’s NERD, the ICA or any place where I can rub elbows with interesting people and quench my thirst for learning.


  • Creative Direction

    You cannot direct creativity. You can only create environments where creativity flourishes. At my best, I inspire innovative concepts that are on strategy, on budget, and build clients’ brands and businesses. I have been lucky to work with high-caliber creative and development teams consisting of copywriters, designers, animators and engineers to deliver consistent, unbound creative that meets and often exceeds the client’s expectations.

  • Design

    Design, and design thinking solve almost everything. I believe there are few problems that can't be solved with the core design principles of typography, color theory, and composition.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Each business requires a unique mix of marketing disciplines to achieve their goals, including User Experience, Site Development, SEO/SEM, PR, Events Video and Naming. I arrive at creative solutions only after clearly identifying the core business issues and opportunities. Research, analytics, metrics and key performance indicators then guide the marketing strategy from concept to execution.

  • Lead Gen

    Lead generation is the lifeblood of marketing and sales. Lead gen is about creating relevant content at various stages of the conversion funnel.